Attaching The Ac Adapter Whenever you turn off the printer, the ink cartridge moves to its home position on the left and caps itself to keep from drying out. Any compatible cartridges are of excellent quality, bubblee they are inexpensive because they canon bubble jet printer bjsx the generic compatible ink cartridges that work with brand name printers. Page 14 DIP switchesThese switches define the printer’s settings. Position the printer stand so it is perpendicular to the printer, and 3. Chapter Customizing The Printer Your printer is designed to be used in BJe mode and provides numerous printing features in this mode.

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Make sure the paper release lever on the right side of the printer is pushed bubblee. Page 85 Installing the Sheet FeederTo install the optional sheet feeder, follow these steps: Page 5 FeatureCompact portable designConvenient paper handlingSoftware compatibilityExcellent print qualityHigh-quality inkSimple maintenanceQuiet printingBenefitThe printer’s compact design 3.

Portable, lightweight lenses designed exclusively for EOS M cameras. Chapter Turning On the Printer Run the print head cleaning process 3 times, this should always be 10s when a new cartridge is inserted.

Page 73 Computer Indicates a Device Time-OutA device time-out occurs when your computer sends data to the printerbut the printer does not respond. Jeg they are there is a hardware fault.

Canon BJ-10sx Printer

The actual amount varies according to the print density of a page. Align the sheet feeder with the printer so the hooks on the sheetfeeder fit into the slots on the bottom of the printer. The printer automatically cleans the print head when you followthese steps: In Epson LQ mode, the output of the self test looks like this:.


In economy mode,your printed document will appear lighter. No Paper is loaded. Setting Up Other Software Applications Selecting a Printer Driver The installation programs for most application offer a list of printer driver from which to choose.

Needs to be depressed for a couple of seconds to ensure powers on correctly. Insert the stack of paper into the sheet feeder. Set the paper thickness dial to the bottom position envelope icon.

No power on the printer.

An opened ink cartridge that is not installed in theprinter may leak, and the print head may dry out. Removing The Battery Pack If an AC cajon is canon bubble jet printer bjsx available, you can use the remaining battery power for limited printing.

UKT Support – Canon BJsx

If you have already set up your printer using the Quick Start Guide included in the box, you may want to scan this chapter for the additional information that it supplies. In this case, youmust recharge the battery.

Keep up with the latest digital developments. It offers exceptional print quality and trouble-free operation with the convenience of compact size, low cost, and portability.

With bj-10ex optional batterypack, you can print documents withoutAC power, a fully charged battery canprint up to 40 pages. Test the printer on another computer.


Installing the Sheet Feeder To install the optional sheet feeder, follow these steps: Check that the printer control mode BJe or Epson LQ matches the printer driver you selected in your softwareapplication.

To find out the number for the BBS, call the help desk. When you are not using the printer, make sure the ink cartridge is in its home position, which is on the left side of the printer. Todetach the card, cut along the dotted line at the left side of the card; thenfold the card down the center. Clean the inside of the printer using canned air or a soft cloth to remove any ink mist or paper debris Be sure to clean the areas where the covers are attached to the printer case; ink mist may accumulate in these areas.

Page 52 z Click on the arrow next to the Paper Source setting toselect one of the following paper sources: Page 88 z Recharge the battery pack only when it is fully discharged.

Cleaning the Print HeadIf you are having print quality problems, you need to clean theprint head. Ensure that the printer is switched off correctly.

SeeChapter 4, Using the Operator Panel, for complete information on thesebuttons and lights.