I found sample scans from an FS on the web and they were very impressive. The scanner body is open on the front only, as the film holders are entirely contained within the unit while scanning is in progress. They are unreduced x pixel portions of the center of the above image, after the color and contrast has been adjusted. Repairs of such Canon brand peripheral equipment shall be governed by the terms of the Separate Warranty. On the other hand it slows the preview scan, and if you decide to change the dust removal setting, you have to do another preview scan since the old one with whatever cropping and corrections you made to it is erased.

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The ability to get at the film’s sprocket holes to make fine adjustments in frame alignment was very handy though. Overall, I would recommend this scanner as a better quality alternative to the currently-available Plustek OpticFilm range, although bear in mind the extra cost of software such as VueScan – which is recommended over Canon’s bundled FilmGet software.

This brings to light an advantage that it has over the current Plustek range – the film magazine is fed through the scanner automatically, unlike the Plustek scanners which have to have the magazine manually moved between frames.

On other hand, Minolta is still the best! Thumbnail Window The Thumbnail window automatically pops up when FilmGet FS is launched, and is the mechanism for viewing thumbnail images of the film in the film tray, as well as selecting the frame to prescan.

Canon CanoScan FS4000US Scanner

On the other hand, it was well ahead of essentially all the12 bit scanners, and as such offers good ccanon for the money. Personally I still se the Canon software.


Fujitsu fi Document Scanner I shoot two different Nikons. I’ve also spoken to a very helpful person Sean at Canon Australia who, after discussing the problem with me, is sending elide another scanner to see if I can replicate it.

However, the software I use for scanning is VueScan, and under Windows Vista 64 it copes perfectly well with doing other things at the same time. Still, it’s nice to see support as well-balanced between Mac and PC platforms as it is. It was off for this scan; if it were turned on, the results would have been nearly identical to FilmGet.

Canon CanoScan FSUS – film scanner – desktop – USB, SCSI Overview – CNET

It turns the mouse cursor into a crosshair for drawing the crop area. So far this is just a preliminary look, written at a busy time for me. I often do multiple manipulations of the image, and if each manipulation were done scanne 8 bit precision, significant image quality would be lost. Drivers Software Firmware Utilities Loading Good value, high quality scans, but slow.

Next, click SettingsMonitor Gamma But it’s not dramatically sharper than a 13 x 19 inch print from the dpi scan, which is surprisingly good, perhaps due to excellent software. Bottom line – great scanner, nothing to complaint about. I fllm able to determine the cause of this problem. For example if you told the scanner to output a bit color image, but the scanner internally scanned at bits and s,ide all its corrections at bits, then converted the result to bits and output the file, then that would be better fs4000js editing the uncorrected bit file.

Making the preview redraw interruptible would really improve the user interaction. Hardware techniques such as this are much more effective at dust removal than purely software techniques and cause much less loss of sharpness.


The status of the Color Matching option is reported at the bottom of each adjustment tab, to the iflm of the Reset button, and the default setting is Off. Dragging the point changes the curve shape, as well as the brightness of the image. The EOS D30 is officially marketed as a “semi-pro” camera, but it’s found its way into the camera bags scannfr a great many professionals.

Following our usual practice, we’ll step through the various user interface screens, in roughly the order you’d encounter them during normal scanning.

Use a mask if necessary to avoid blurring areas with important detail; grain is always more visible in skies and cnon areas than in textured areas.

October 17, Calibration, previews and scans became unbearably slow with Windows XP. Given that DSLRs are now fairly common, I think that we will see much slower evolution of film scanners. On the other hand, grain is much more visible, in part because of the increased resolution, and in part because the FilmGet software performs some sharpening though the electronic manual says nothing about it.

Canon Scanners with Custom Bundle.

We’ve found infrared-based methods to be quite effective in removing dust and scratches from your scans. I haven’t tested this because the scanner is fast enough for my needs and I don’t really want to mess with SCSI devices unless I have to!