Farwest will be closed December , as well as December 31, and January 1, for the Holidays. In addition, the Utility Marker will survive multiple gunshots without significant loss of legibility or damage to the post. Optional identification decals can also be added to put the public in contact with your company before costly service interruptions occur. Simply insert a power or manual driver into the U-channel steel anchor and drive the post into the ground. Updates at Farwest Corrosion Farwest will be closed December , as well as December 31, and January 1, for the Holidays. Post can help identify hard-to-see utility fixtures such as pedestals, enclosures, fire hydrants, right-of-ways, surveys, and manholes. The recessed area on each side provides extra protection for decals making the post visible from any direction.

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This non-flexible marker can also serve as a mounting post for Aerial Markers or Composite Signs. Carsonite utility markers provide high visibility and easy identification, minimizing the risks of accidental uncovering of buried utility lines, and preventing damage caused by maintenance equipment.

As a leader in composite highway safety products, Carsonite provides a variety of delineators, markers and accessories for use along highways, roadways, busy thoroughfares and on neighborhood streets. Vandal resistant hardware is included with the system.

It is highly resistant to vandals because it’s virtually impossible to remove without proper equipment. A special feature of the Visi-Post is its ability to be recycled after its marmer life has been exhausted. The VaporGuard is light weight, durable and easy to install. Carsonite markers, parking and traffic signs, flexible fence and other products are highly visible, corrosion resistant, and durable.


JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. By utilizing Carsonite flexible signs, both the post and sign will return to the original upright position with minimal damage after impact.

Rubber grommets help absorb shock and provide a secure fastening system.

Utility Marking Products

Rectifier Monitors Test Station Monitors. Carsonite Quality Carsonite products maintain a standard of quality that exceed customer specifications. The sign and post are pre-drilled at the factory for easy assembly and installation. Made from a thermoplastic elastomer, the LineMarker is durable, tough and impact resistant. Carsonite Composites invented the marker, created the industry and remains a leading U. The composite construction is resistant to vandalism, impact, ultraviolet light, and extreme temperature changes.

In extremely loose or sandy soil conditions, an optional plastic thru-pipe anchor is available. RetroFit Enhancer Carsonite’s RetroFit Enhancer is a fast, easy and cost-efficient solution to update company information on utility markers and avoid federal fines. The Visi-Post can also be adapted for use as a test station unit.

Custom or carsonitd decals are factory applied for any utility marking applications you may require. Carsonite originally developed trademark profiles for highway and utility industries. The Visi-Post is supplied with a factory applied metal anchor barb to prevent rotation and marker removal, thus reducing maintenance costs and vandalism.

Sign Support The composite Acrsonite Support is designed as a mounting post for Carsonite composite signs. The Perma-Post is a highly visible 4-sided composite marker that can be used to identify fiber optic lines, high priority pipelines, and other underground facilities.


Carsonite model CRM RoadMarker highway delineator

Carsonite uses UV-resistant ccarsonite on both the direct graphics and decals. Installation is quick and easy because no pilot holes are required. Mark underground facilities and right-of-way locations with Carsonite’s LineMarker.

The top of the anchor should be driven at least 1″ below ground level. The Utility Marker is installed easily in less than 60 seconds and is lightweight to allow for ease of transportation in the field.

Carsonite model PPM PermaPost durable utility marker

Carsonite decals are expertly applied at no extra charge to save you time and money. Carsonite Pedestal Markers are flexible and durable in harsh weather conditions. The concave design will protect the decal from damage during vehicle contact. With decades of experience researching and developing advanced composite technologies, Carsonite offer a family of high-performance markers and accessories that are unparalleled in the industries we serve.

The Perma-Post can also be adapted for use as a cathodic protection test station or bonding and grounding pedestal marker. Visi-Post A highly visible marker, the Carsonite Visi-Post is designed for applications where o visibility is required. Home Products Marine C.