Action Use the mixer Mode to turn off some tracks parts to reduce the number of playback tracks. Prices subject to change without notice. Many Music Library tunes come in 3 arrangement levels: Use the mixer to check the volume setting. Cannot record auto accompaniment rhythm. DSP reverb send and chorus send are 0.

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Now for the first time, an instrument has been crafted that truly delivers the joy of playing the piano to anyone who has ever dreamed of learning to play. Never try to repair the piano yourself. Mixer Mode part volume setting is 0.

Select p-l40r track that contains the data you want to control the key lighting. When transporting the piano, use soft cloth to pack around the keyboard and buttons to protect them against damage.

Several of the patterns are piano-based, allowing you to sound like a pro utilizing as few as 2 fingers.

Record your performances, lessons, compositions, phrases and more for your future playback. Be sure to periodically contact your retailer or authorized service provider to have the lithium battery replaced. Keyboard keys do not light during MIDI data play. Receive channels are turned off. The mixer reverb send and chorus send settings are 0.


It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Store up to 10 songs in internal memory and an unlimited number on floppy disk or external PC. Prices subject to change without notice. Because this piano uses digital circuitry, it may cause interference with other electronic devices such as televisions, radios, etc. Touch response is turned off.

Keyboard keys do not light during sequencer playback.

Casio PLR Specifications |

The melody part is off. Song Sequencer 17 tracks: Change the DSP pan setting. Any attempt to repair or modify the piano can cause problems with operation. Auto accompaniment is turned Page E off, which is indicated when none of the accompaniment mode indicators are lit.

Turn on the mixer DSP setting. The volume settings of the auto accompaniment parts are too low. DSP effects are not applied even when they are turned on. Note that you will be charged separately for lithium battery replacement. You may notice lines in the finish of the case of this piano.


PL-40R Manual

Page E Auto harmonize effect does not work. Wring out all excess moisture from the cloth before wiping.

Use the mixer to increase the volume setting for the melody part. Sound output does not change when key pressure is varied. Use the mixer to check the volume p,-40r. The USB cable is not connected properly. Use the mixer to turn on the part or increase its volume.

The melody part volume setting is too low. See page Page E 1.