Flash chip support up to G bit. That is why Logical Devices, provides a strong trade-in program to allow you to upgrade your older programmers with new machines that have current approved device programming algorithm and software. Replaces the following programmers: The wizard steps you through the process of setting all parameters necessary to complete the job. Atmel, Intel, Microchip, etc. Replaced By Chipmaster Chipmaster This advanced pin design lets you program any DIL device of up to 48 pins without needing an adapter.

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Up to 30 part selections and command sequences can be stored in the internal memory and activated by a single button.


Cluster units for flexible volume production. See list below The Gangpro-8xp is loaded with features not found in comparably priced other gang programmers. Auto-sensing and self-programming the Chipmaster Xpp auto-sensing feature ensures the device has been inserted correctly and then automatically programs the device.

Data can also be read from a device and uploaded to the PC to be saved for later use.

Atmel, Intel, Microchip, etc. Target quantity and Max failure rate alarm.

Place your orders now as quantities are limited for our first run production. You will not need to send your older unit back in advance.



Furthermore, in the mass-production mode the system keyboard is automatically disabled preventing the operator from making any inadvertent mistakes.

All models include Safety Interlock switch, ultra rugged steel enclosure and very reliable auto shut off timer. Serialization function If your memory devices need individual serial numbers with different increment sequence and initial value, the Chipmaster XP has an Auto Increment function. This function protects your pocketbook by preventing expensive chip damage due to operator error.

Logical Devices Device Programmers, Gang progammers, Chip Burners, UV Erasers

Reads from one format, copies to another format! Includes the following advanced and powerful software functions: The trade value will depend on the product purchased and the product being traded. Auto Devices Approved by Semiconductor Companies Ideal for Field, Production and Engineering Industrial gradesuitable for round the clock operation in abusive production enviornment Automatically detects bad chips, broken pins and insertion errors.

It can detect poor pin contact and devices inserted upside down or in the wrong position.

Please call us and find out what we can do for you to bring your vital engineering and production programming tool to a more current status. This simply increments the serial numbers in the buffer chipmaser time a chipmaste device is inserted. The Chipmaster XP performs device insertion and contact checks before it programs each device. Auto-shutoff 60 minute timer is included.


Flash chip support up to G bit. Please Click here to get WinZip software: Only IC manufacturer approved programming algorithms used for high reliability. Synchronous or Asynchronous Regulations: Replaced by Gangpro-8xp Xlink: Once the job is created, the operator can execute it by pressing a single button on chipmasrer front panel or pressing and optional remote switch that plugs into the back of the unit.

Replaces the following programmers: Device insertion and contact checks–No mistakes! Support 5V3. If you are using the programmer for home projects then this may not be an issue, however if you are using the programmer in an industrial capacity where your chips are going in your customer equipment, then dp a small upgrade fee you may avoid huge problems in the field. Parallel Port XP upgrade version. Replaced By Chipmaster Chipmaster This unit can replace the following previous programmers without the loss of functionality.

Logical Devices updates software and Auto-sensing and self-programming algorithm regularly.