Set resolution settings note: The fax activity logs or fax call reports are printing at inappropriate times. In order for the second method to work, the extension telephone setting must be set to Yes. The answer-ring pattern feature might be turned on, but you do not have the service, or you do have the service and the feature is not set correctly. Try sending the fax again. The product might be out of paper and the memory is full.

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If a fax has been scheduled to be sent at a future time but it requires updating, send the additional information as another job.

HP Color LaserJet CM MFP Series Product – Use fax | HP® Customer Support

If the product cannot forward a fax because of an error for example, the number is busy and repeated redial attempts are unsuccessful, your product prints the fax.

If you have more fwx to scan, select Yesand then repeat step 5 for each page of the fax job. Increasing the resolution increases the fax size.

Use access codes, credit cards, or calling cards To use access codes, credit cards, or faax cards, dial manually to allow for pauses and dialing codes. If the fax number you are calling has been assigned to a one-touch key, press that key.

Set the number of rings-to-answer To set or change the number of rings-to-answer, use the following steps:. Digital-to-analog filters or converters may be needed for faxing functionality. Use the arrow buttons to select the correct paper size setting: If the product detects an error during the transmission and the error-correction setting is Onthe product can request that the portion of the fax be resent.


Check the answer-ring pattern feature to verify that it is set properly. The billing-code setting must be turned on in order to access this report. To clear these faxes from the memory, see Mc1312 faxes from memorydeleting faxes from memorymemorydeleting faxesfaxdeleting from memory. The telephone line might not be working.

In this answer mode, the product never answers calls. Faxes are printing on two pages ck1312 of one. The factory-set default resolution setting is Fine.

Use the arrow buttons to select Fax Confirmationand then press OK. Use the arrow buttons to select Sendand then press OK. Send faxes internationally To send a fax to an international destination, dial manually to allow for pauses and international dialing codes.

All pages of the fax have to be in dax for a fax job to work correctly.

The receiving fax machine might have a slow modem speed. Electronic phone books are generated by using third-party software programs. Block or unblock fax numbers If you do not want to receive faxes from specific people or businesses, you can block as many as 30 fax numbers by using the control panel. If you fzx a dial tone, the telephone line is working. Load the document into the automatic document feeder ADF input tray or the flatbed scanner.



However, if the configuration is specified during DSL setup, the signal can be separated so that some of the bandwidth is used to transmit an analog signal for voice and fax while the remaining bandwidth is used to transmit digital data. Allow more time to cj1312 fax jobs internationally.

HP Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP Series Product – Change fax settings

Errorand then press OK. PBX The product is an analog device that is not compatible in all digital phone environments. To send a fax by printing to a fax driver, complete the following steps:. The telephone company service does not work if it conflicts with the product.

This prevents the product from sending a fax while someone is on the telephone. The fax activity log or fax call reports settings are not correct. The product did not scan any pages, or it did not receive any pages from the computer to transmit a fax. As soon as possible, replace the print cartridge, and then reprint the fax.