Anyways, as topic says, this is about counterfeit Callaway clubs. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Thats less than cost. Chances are I am still going to leave either neutral or negative feedback to him since he lacks communication and sold me fake clubs. If you can, take a digital photo of a club at your local golf shop for direct comparison. The site is usgolfsale.

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How to Tell Fake Callaway Clubs

Counterfeit Head Details Putter Colors and fonts will be different just like on cal,away irons and drivers above. Nate — did the clunterfeit number check out? Now, it will be interested to see what happens when the driver is delivered because one, it had a 30 day money back guarantee and two, because he paid with a credit card he feels he might be able to dispute the charges if he finds that the item is counterfeit.

I was wondering xallaway my golf wholesale is a legit site and if anybody has bought any clubs from this site? A fool and his money are easily parted. I have never heard the clanky sound it made from an authentic Taylormade product. We already have them. Frank what is the website address and I will let you know if we have any additional info on them.


10 Ways Not To Buy Fake Counterfeit Golf Clubs!

Thank you for saving me from a disaster, I am very happy with my Diablos. Thanks for sharing this informative post. Note also that the plastic ferrule — which covers the join between clubhead and shaft — is slightly callawy on the fake. The color of the club is often a tip off as well. In this example the counterfeit club is on the left. The website was not a secured site and B of A has had to give him a new account number.

Chances are I am still going to leave either neutral or negative feedback to him since he lacks communication and sold me fake clubs. Has anyone purchased golf clubs from golfclubsinternational?

Bags are made in china anyway! TaylorMade serial numbers are normally put on with a laser and are smooth to the touch just like most counterfeit clubs. I have just received a set of ladies cobra s3 max combo set. Anyone had any dealings with garagesalegolf on ebay? Sellers can only post Positive feedback for buyers.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The old adage is true. Do not buy from them. You can see from the image that the materials used are not the same, shown by the difference in colour of the C-Groove in the fake version, which is lighter in shade and also less reflective.


Fall colors pre peak. Does anyone have any information on this company? There are some more subtle differences when comparing the soles of the clubs. Seemed to be ok and good service.

After 7 days the club had not been shipped yet. Hats off to this site! Someone on a 20 handicap, no; someone on a 12 handicap, no; someone on a 4 handiap, no. Sent a head to Mizuno who told me they were copies. You currently have javascript disabled. If the name or logo on the clubs in question appear slightly different from an authentic Callaway club, the clubs are likely fake. Thats less than cost.