Storage by Rick Broida Nov 12, How do you add programs and software in an environment that isn’t based on the familiar rules of the Microsoft Windows world? Laptops by Justin Jaffe Nov 26, It turns your PC into a workable appliance that would sit nicely next to your CD player and your receiver. Optical Storage Form Factor. Samsung SyncMaster F inch Digital cameras are very useful for taking web based photos, but cannot do much for pictures already taken with a film based camera.

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In the ever changing world of computer case and motherboard form-factors, it pays to know the differences. Just a little while crs5232 ahhhh Getting The Right PC With hardware prices dropping down every week, and hardware speeds jumping up, you can’t help to think about buying or upgrading your computer. Firewalls and Internet Security Securing your computer against threats from the Internet is an essential step. Until the days of the first ISA sound cards, wavetable MIDI synthesis was considered a high end feature as it required a sound card with dedicated on board memory and crw52332 digital signal processor capable of mixing and adding effects chorus, reverb, mixing, etc.

How Motherboards Are Made: Fluorescent Multi-Layer Memory Fluorescent Multilayer Disks have been quietly gaining a lot of support in the storage industry.

Intel Pentium M 1. The Technology Behind Dual Core CPUs Since dual-core processors are essentially a multi-processor system in a convenient package, let’s start by looking at some technologies which have contributed to AMD and Intel’s newest products.

Friday Morning Roundup for July 30,

Business and School Integrated Motherboard Roundup Faced with the purchase of dozens of new computers, government agencies, schools and businesses need to find ways to keep costs down while still getting the equipment they require. With the acquisition of ATi, the G chipset came to life as one of the finest chipsets for a home theatre platform thus far. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. So what exactly is HyperThreading, and what makes it so special?


Internet Filtering Software Shootout On one side we have the advocates for Internet control and monitoring, and on the other side we have those who do not want to regulate or monitor the content on the Internet.


Crusoe Awakens Transmeta will be launching its Crusoe Mobile Processor January 19, and at the same time opening the gates to a flood of information.

Well for most of the dime a dozen plastic boxes out there I’d say yes.

Well, check this out and have a look at them both. Storage by Rick Broida Nov 12, Fatty Case Review The Fatty Case is a complete departure from typical no-name crap cases with their poor design, and tin foil like metal construction.

They offer a wide range of motherboards which are set not to pinch your pockets too hard. Aopen AK77 Plus Motherboard Review This good xa jet-black motherboard from Aopen is the hallmark of a new trend in motherboards – designer colours! Proview PX 17inch Monitor Review More often then not there really aaa much room to grow a health profit margin. What have the Imperial Forces come to?!

It’s what you’d call, really very flexible.

Friday Morning Roundup for July 30, 2004

You can do it, and we can show you how. I can’t begin to count the number of manufacturers of mainboards out there It’s one of those amazing Jetsons-esque technologies that seems like we’d never quite get to, along with hover cars and robot butlers. Harsh words, but sound advice.


Back in mid, Intel had introduced their iBX chipset which was the designated chipset for their Pentium II line of processors. The Relationship Between Overclocking and Cooling As enthusiasts attempt to reach higher clock speeds, there will eventually come a time when the temperature of the processor, memory, or some other electrical component becomes the limiting factor.

Clickity-click, time to defuse that dying hard disk!

Aopen makes good cases but they aren’t always for OC’ing. The age of waiting for your computer to transfer large bittorrent MKV files is nearly over – this is the year of high bandwidth! Installing Windows Vista Installing Microsoft Windows operating systems has never been too hard, but Windows Vista’s install process does differ in several ways from that of Windows XP, especially when it comes to handling hard drive selection Safe Mode is like a second chance to save your PC from certain doom!

The technology ATi has developed is apparently pretty good qa you can actually track down a Crossfire compatible motherboard and the elusive Crossfire master videocard. FB-DIMM memory uses a bi-directional serial memory bus which passes through each memory module, instead of having a single bus which each module dumps its data onto.