It doesn’t affect connection to the to server. You can set up a driver, using the list of values available for the DriverName property, and then select a predefined connection, by selecting one of the values available in the ConnectionName property. When you specify a driver name, the Params property is preloaded with all the parameters you need for that driver type, initialized to default values. Once you have chosen the configuration you want, click the Test Connection button to check that you have chosen a valid configuration. However, I will check if HP the comp mfg has installed one.

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It was not in the Components Install packages dialog listing.

sql server – Delphi SQLConnection via ODBC on Linux cannot connect to SQL – Stack Overflow

This list resembles the aliases of the BDE, and you can enter multiple connection details for every database driver. The parameters indicate the dbExpress driver DLL the LibraryName valuethe entry function to use GetDriverFuncthe vendor client library, and other specific parameters that depend on the database. When you add a new SQLConnection component sqlconneftion an application, you can proceed in different ways. However, if you want to connect your program to a new database, you can set the relevant properties directly.

You can see the editor in Figure Once you have chosen the configuration you want, click the Test Connection button to check that you have chosen a valid configuration. As an alternative, you can start by selecting directly the ConnectionName property, which in this case includes the entire list.


The sqlcobnection component in the dbExpress group is SQLMonitor, which is used to log requests sent from dbExpress to the database server. One advantage of using connection names arises when you develop your application using one database for example, Local InterBasebut deploy it for use with another such as ORACLE.

One does not exist.

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The latter three components are provided for compatibility with the equivalent BDE components and have similarly named properties. For example, there is no AfterEdit or BeforePost event. As sqlconnectiln can see by comparing the two listings, this is a subset of the parameters of the driver.

Its value depends on the server you are using. This may have nothing to do with our problem here, but I thought I would bring it to your attention.

Delphi Sources – The dbExpress Components – English Delphi Programming Guide

This page sqlconnectin last modified on 21 Novemberat In addition to letting you edit the predefined connection settings, the dbExpress Connection Editor allows you to select a connection for the SQLConnection component by clicking ddelphi OK button.

You must reselect the connection to which these other components refer. Instead of hooking up an existing connection, you can define a new one or see the details of the existing connections by double-clicking the SQLConnection component and launching the dbExpress Sqlconnectiob Editor Figure XE” and then “localhost: You can set the LoadParamsOnConnect property to indicate that you want to refresh the component parameters from the initialization files every time you open the connection.

I found it under Does this new exception tell you anything?

This editor lists, on the left side, all of the predefined connections, for a specific driver or all of them, and allows you to edit the connection properties using the grid on the right.


Setting it to False allows you to provide a password sqlconnectuon the component settings and skip the login request dialog box, both at design time and at run time.

I would also like to add that dbExperss connects to InterBase and FireBird without any problems at all. If this is very handy for development, it can reduce the security of your system. Thanks again for all your hard work Alex, Keith.

At run time, your program will rely on the properties to have all the required information, so you don’t need to deploy the two configuration files along with your programs. I will try to reinstall the Oracle client tomorrow. The CommandType property determines one delpbi the three access modes.

When you select a driver or sqlconnectoin connection at design time, the values of these files are copied to corresponding properties of the SQLConnection component, as in this example: It is a combination of four existing components: In addition to this issue, the component has other limitations, including difficulty manipulating the dataset fields of the data access dataset which is important for setting key fields and can affect the way updates are generated and unavailability of some provider events.