The Weiss is more transparent, resolved and lean. Images within the soundstage, which is also increased incrementally, are more vivid and breathe with more life. When used in stock solid state configuration, the overall sound was detailed, bold, rich, and energetic, with plenty of bass power. As with all prior MiniMax components we reviewed, build quality is serious and rather higher than price would suggest. It’s easy enough to confirm with just the push of the front-panel button and a very minor offset on the volume pot.

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Discrete Op-Amp Rolling Burson Discrete Op-amp If one thought OPA was expensive, Burson discrete mibimax are an order of magnitude more expensive, not to mention the massive size compared to the ordinary op-amps. The bottom line is that the Eastern Electric Tube DAC Plus is a significant step up from its predecessor that was already an extreme value in the vast marketplace of digital to analog converters.

Before passing judgment on DEXA, one should give them plenty of continuous burn-in, before which they can sound a little uptight, cool, and detached. In fact, the solid state stage came across minomax slightly more pure and transparent in my system, but the preference could easily run the other way for systems with less tubes.

This review page is supported in part by the sponsors whose ad banners are displayed below. Each audiophile has—should have—guilty pleasures. Images within the soundstage, which is also increased incrementally, are more vivid and breathe with more life.

The previous volume knob could also be used to match the DAC’s output level to your other components.

To survive in the present climate, hifi makers must get creative. We love to divulge dirty little industry secrets at Stereomojo because you need to knowso lets do a bit of debunking here. Gone are the fancy MiniMax fascia, metalized cover paint and long control toggles we knew from the older models. Some op-amps “seem” resolving and neutral, but the DEXA truly lets one gaze deeply into the recording without adding significant artifice mininax its own.


This netted a wish list for an affordable high-performance DAC as a component category that’s wildly popular for obvious reasons. While some outstanding overall sound quality could be achieved through all the traditional op-amp rolling, there was usually a nagging sense of slight grain to the tonal textures, at a level almost subliminal and in varying amounts depending on the particular op-amps in use and recording quality.

That’s music mastered from average to poor. Currently, unless something came into being last week, no one makes at 32 bit recorder.

Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC Plus | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

However, since the EE DAC Plus also tends to lean rac that similar direction, the combo was perhaps a bit too much of a good thing in this instance in this system. While both share a clean canvas, they paint with different brushes.

Having tried Burson duals with DEXA single op-amps and vice versa, the resulting sound can be said to be somewhere in between in character. Utilizing the op-amp options, digital input options, and output stage options, one can literally tweak this DAC to exactly suit dqc tastes, which cannot be said of most DAC’s from prominent audio companies, including the Weiss. Socketed output opamps 9.

Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC Plus

Our dsc and brains work on the smallest increments of time and space; it’s miraculous how precise they are. The ESS needs to be driven by a high-frequency op amp. From rock to jazz, opera to bluegrass, everything sounded better through the new model, whether via the tube or solid-state output.


No one is in a hurry to release anything in bit format.

Eastern Electric Minimax DAC V5 Supreme Sound Opamp Mod – Burson Audio

Casual listeners may come to such a thought, but they would be incorrect. It’s easy enough to confirm with just the push of the front-panel button and a very minor eac on the volume pot. While OPA’s tonality can be said to be on the meaty side compared to something like LME, it doesn’t quite cross into the obviously chest-resonant mien of NE Some of this can be explained in the specs.

Amazingly, other reviews failed to mention that the volume control is gone altogether. With so many different combinations of tweaks, you could lose yourself among the slew of Op-Amps and tubes. Another reason for the purchase was the M2Tech OEM asynchronous USB input which is capable of transmission up to kHz, which opens up the world of computer audio without having to go through many hoops.

Eastern Electric Minimax DAC V5 Supreme Sound Opamp Mod

While it would not be correct to imply that the DAC chip is the end-all of DAC design, does all that precision Swiss engineering in Weiss really worth that much dax than the EE design in terms of sound quality?

We can say that the additional bucks is well worth it. They become distinct strong points and apparently are signature traits of the ESS chip.