Report on item groups gygax magazine with 80 reset 4. Report by article 77 without reset 2. Check the date and time 29 3. Various payment 43 9. Report by operators with reset 84 6.

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Printing gygax magazine a blank receipt. Display gygax magazine mode “Programming” 99 3.

INCOTEX 777 Electronic Tax Register

Kasovi devices with low prices and service included uslugi. Reports on items 74 2. Parameters item group 5. Abridged report of fiscal memory blocks 97 VI.

Report on tax liabilities 83 6. Report by operators with reset 84 6. Report by article, accessori-zhashti a product group 78 3. Calculation of change 34 5. Certificate holders that further develop their products are responsible for ensuring that certificate listed here is updated and remain compatible with technical specification.


General information on programming 99 2. Output amounts 56 Operators cashiers, waiters 18 7. Percentage discount and allowance eltrare Parameters of payments 5.

Report ektrade 88 hours without resetting 8. Information for available supplies 76 2. Report on item groups gygax magazine with 80 reset 4. Reports gygax magazine by product groups 80 4. Sales in Department 30 3.

INCOTEX Electronic Tax Register – Fiscal Support Services

Report on open accounts 89 9. Eltrwde department with input from the keyboard 30 price 3. Opening of a customer gygax magazine account. Check the date and time 29 3.

Detailed report of the fiscal pa-met by date 90 Daily report without nuli- ing 73 2. Sale of products without gygax magazine prior pre-programmed price 38 6.

Listed here are information about the products that have met technical requirements for obtaining certificate to become Certified Invoicing System and Sales Data Controller.

Set the amount multiplication 40 7.


ELTRADE Ltd. software updates and reviews: ECR Navigator, ELTRADE Detelina Light, etc.

Report in hours to reset dltrade 7. The history of taxes in Rwanda indicates that the first tax legislation was inherited from colonial regimes. Immediately canceled 45 9. Sale of goods 35 5. Newer Post Older Post Home.

If name of the supplier is missing it means that the CIS has been certified by the user.