I would recommend a careful study of two web forums http: I tried both settings, no difference. Find More Posts by ivansc. It’s working fine now but I have wasted a lot of time getting it to this point. Audition forces the driver to 48 kHz the sampling rate in the driver’s control panel reverts to 48kHz as soon as Audition sees the driver. Asus P6T deluxe; Core i7 2. I’m using an m, but essentially it’s the same driver as the

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Windows 10 Pro Cubase Pro 9.


Had a asii of a time in Win7 but worked on the first try in Win Find More Posts by Philbo King. Send a private message to ivansc. Thanks Josh I will do that. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

I went for the UR as I just wanted “turn Key” audio routing eku within Cubase to bring my hardware units into play. Attached Images Driver Emu. If you have the latest Emu driver and have problems it might be better to use the last driver before that. I’m on a mix at the moment and will be bringing VST instruments in tomorrow, so will report back with any playability quirks.

These are pasted in order of modification, most recent on top. I took advantage of the so-so weather to spend some time on the problem, reinstalling everything audio on my PC.


So, thanks again for any precision.

Incompatibility with EMU ASIO driver | Adobe Community

Every time I select it it just goes back to “not connected” in the box. Make sure you haven’t loaded the set by mistake, say. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

Maybe someone else can correct me. That tree doesn’t exist in windows 7. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

I sold mine and also had it working on the Vista beta drivers. It’s very clear, and extremely asil, from reading around the forums that E-Mu is, to all intents and purposes, dead.

Hello all, this is my first post on asiio forum.

Did a fresh install of windows 10 on a new disk a couple years ago and the drivers install and all signs seem good, basic sound works for playback or video, but going into reaper or other programs I downloaded just to test don’t find any ASIO drivers.

Or is it a configuration issue that makes it stick to the default sample rate of the converter at any cost? I’m using an m, but essentially it’s the same driver as the I also had thoughts of using it to completely bypass my outboard Mackie mixer, and patching my studio mics to it instead of the mixer.


Your time and expertese was much appreciated, Cheers, Glenn.

Emu 1212m and 5.2 ASIO…WDM?

And I’m aware that I am somehow hijacking the thread but, as Glenn problem seems to be solved Well, I found this ancient-looking program called asio4all that must have peaked during the XP years, and I installed it, and reaper sees it. Thanks again for your comments, and for the links.

This is pretty useless to me. However, I do have one suggestion to make; have you tried the free ASIO4ALL driver, which has been known to solve similar problems to the one you are experiencing? And that’s on a blindingly fast i7, for heaven’s sake! That sounds like I have been ripped off the euros of upgrading to CS6, ouch that hurts I can’t really tell whether the blame is to be put on Adobe or EMU though, although I fully concur that EMU’s support policy clearly sucks.

This is outright silly, and I wonder why a capability that worked perfectly 3 years ago in Audition 3 is apparently lost in the latest version.