And, since there’s no expiration date, you can use them whenever you need them. None of the Endicia plans include a free scale. Endicia Stamps Category Mailing Systems. The first few times you print NetStamps it’s a good idea to use a sheet of plain paper to print a sample with voided postage and either verify the job with sighted help or use your OCR software to ensure it printed correctly. You can print a generic sample label before you check-out, which does not include your “To” and “From” addresses, and print your completed label, but Acrobat Reader is required both on PCs and Macs. When I suggested this was something he might want to report as a bug, he responded, “I don’t think this is something they would want to spend any time on. Efficiency Save time and eliminate trips to the Post Office to mail your reminders, invoices, or packages.

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Thank you for contacting Endicia. The site also allows you to order free envelopes, scalr envelopes, and boxes for Express and Priority Flat Rate letters and packages.

I started by printing an entire sheet of First Class stamps. For this review I tested the Endicia Standard plan since it is the lowest cost option and also because it is designed to appeal to home users. Another easy way to print postage is via plugins endivia both Microsoft Word and Outlook.

You can purchase an appropriate label printer from Stamps.

August Issue Volume 14 Number 8. Instead, you must enter it manually or select a Flat Rate option. Interacting with this table and double tapping a contact name added the information in the “To” field perfectly. Print complete, professional U.


Save time and eliminate trips to the Post Office to mail your reminders, invoices, or packages. The PC and Mac software each require that they be associated with separate accounts, so the endlcia way to switch between PC and Mac is to set up two different accounts.

Endicia does not accept electronic refund filings. Integration with my Mac’s address book was automatic, and the very first pop-up button offered me the choice to use my Mac address card, my Endicia account address, or a different address as my default return address. APP file into my app folder. You can choose to enter a cost code to help organize your expenses. There is nothing wrong with the program it integrates and works well with 3dcart.

Endicia Stamps, Postage Meters, Mailing Machines

AccessWorld Appliance Accessibility Guide. Also, if you want to weigh your packages, you’ll have to purchase a scale.

Endicia Standard offers some interesting features. For those who only occasionally send out mail and packages, USPS. You can have the weight up to five pounds entered automatically via your digital scale and add a signature request, an instructions page for Customs information, and optional insurance. I could also attach a small graphic, such as a company logo, alongside the return address and change the font, its size, and the color of both the return and destination addresses.

Conclusions If you are a home worker or small business owner who relies on a Mac, Endicia for Mac may be just what you are looking for. Otherwise, I don’t recommend the use of Endicia Standard. The easiest task to perform with the Stamps.


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Simply connect the scale to your computer and the software will retrieve the weight of the letter, calculating the correct postage required. One particularly tricky spot was entering two security questions and their answers.

You can enter an address and have the site create a endiia label with the postage included. Increase productivity, and let the software manage the latest postage requirements.

Printing NetStamps The easiest task to perform with the Stamps.

We deliver value by creating breakthrough shipping solutions that help global businesses, small and big, reach their customers. The Business Automation Specialists! And, since there’s no expiration date, you can use them whenever you need them. The only way to limit the number of stamps you print is to tick off the ones you don’t want to print by clicking your mouse on an image of the stamp label sheet, which is completely inaccessible.

I had to do a lot of mousing around endiciq become comfortable with the Stamps. That’s why you need to enter your sheet’s serial number, so the app can keep track of where to pick up printing the next time you want to print postage.