Brochures – Download Brochure. Increase productivity, decrease errors. Perfect for high-volume, high-security applications in environments such as schools, government agencies, and corporations, the HDP is an all-in-one ID card printer and encoder. It prints and encodes cards in a single pass, which not only saves time, but also ensures the right information is going on each card. Polyguard lamination is a clear or holographic polyester protective layer that dramatically increases card life when swiping your cards and adds visible security – reducing the chances of fraudulent reproduction of your ID cards.

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It consistently delivers exceptional print quality, high card duarability and over-the-edge printing, encoding and laminating of technology-rich contact and contactless smart cards. The Fargo HDP also includes a number of convenient features for easy operation.

Looking for ribbons for your HDP printer? A SmartScreen LCD panel guides the user through the printing process and provides alerts and messages along the way.

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Perhaps the greatest impact the HDP can have on your organization lies in its e-card encoding capabilities. Basically, the Fargo HDP printer grows as your needs grow – and it eliminates the cost of purchasing a new printer down the road.

The Fargo HDP gives you the highest definition printing and encoding capabilities for your high-end applications. With these e-card encoding capabilities, your organization has access to a whole new level of security and functionality.

Technical Orinter Our team is able to assist you 7: You might expect a printer with such high print quality and flexibility to compromise on performance Not this one.


Remarkable security is another of the many benefits you get with HDP technology. Please try our Supplies Finder. Plus, the Fargo HDP printer features a reject card hopper, keeping primter defective cards separate from your functioning cards. Some of its standard user friendly features include color-coded supplies for fast loading, an automatic card cleaning mechanism, and an informative LCD panel that tells you what buttons to press, when to prinyer supplies and keeps you abreast of your print job’s progress.

In traditional dye sublimation printers, the printhead is in direct contact with the card. Because graphics and text are printed on the underside of the HDP film, the image “sandwiched” between the durable film and the card.

Fargo HDP600-LC ID Card Printer Dual-Sided with Lamination – DISCONTINUED

Other forms of security against opposing forces include optional technology-rich cards using contact and contactless smart card personalization, and magnetic stripe encoding – to name a few. Add to Cart for Price. Instead, it first prints on a high definition film which is then applied to the card. Weigand cards, proximity cards and optical memory cards. Thanks to its unique printing process, the HDP prints Not only does HDP film allow for a perfect output; it also adds a level of tamper-resistance and protection from everyday wear and tear.

HDP printing gives you added security.

CR80 – standard credit frgo size Card thicknesses: Plus, for maximum card production, it can even be networked with other HDP printers. FARGO’s HDP is so advanced, it will meet virtually all of the card personalization needs of your organization — now and in the future.


Fargo HDP ID Printer Ribbon – Best Price Available Online – Save Now

Plus, HDP Film is available with holographic images, giving you the ultimate in advanced card security. This method is ideal for proximity cards, smart cards, and RFID cards, because of their uneven surfaces. Because of its unique high definition printing process, the HDP achieves consistent results when printing on technology cards.

Perfect printing – even on technology cards with embedded electronics. Don’t be intimidated by all the Fargo HDPLC laminating ID card printer’s advanced technological features; it is so easy to use that you will be able to pirnter implement and integrate it into your existing application s.

The printer features dual card hoppers allowing you to load up to cards, or print on separate types of cards at the same time.

It prints and encodes cards in a single pass, which not only saves time, but also ensures the right information is going on each card. This results in cards that are virtually tamperproof. What’s more, you can add up to 3 of these encoding technologies at any time.