Simplicity-No hardware or gaskets to remove. When used outdoors, all internal sign components shall be suitable for outdoor use. PB Resin is a two-part modified epoxy resin that can be applied in clear form, or mixed with lettering enamels to quickly and easily create a high gloss color finish. Exceptional white point and high ink capability for excellent saturation Superior anti-curl performance helps to ensure accurate and reliable printer feeding and avoids head strikes common on similar media. The Power Supply proper bonding to the end-product main protective earthing termination is required. Samples of the lamp material were subjected to the Humidity Conditioning Test in UL , with acceptable results.

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The device is not intended for field wiring used. The most economical fabric for waterbase inkjet. The use of these adhesive systems shall be employed in applications wherein the limitations specified in Table A are not exceeded. The need for a temperature test of the complete sign when provided with an additional enclosure should be determined. Light Guide Connector Cat.

User Friendly – Adapts to any grounding situation. These products shall gedlps5 conductors entering, leaving or residing in the wiring compartment or junction geclp5 extending at least mm 6 in inside.

The polymeric enclosure of each unit has not been evaluated as ultimate enclosure. Appropriate substrates include ABS resins, aluminum, chrome, glass, fiberglass-reinforced plastic and paint. Frame system Narrowline, Cat. These products shall be provided with mounting instructions.


Sign Component Manual –

These products have not been evaluated for use when connected to a power source that does not comply with Class 2 voltage and energy limited circuit and which is rated greater than 15 V. Geflps5 uses shall be considered in end product. These products are rated as the following: This product is suitable for use in gecllps5, damp and wet locations with supply sources rated at electrical ratings or less.

Unless the modules are mounted as specified in condition of acceptability number 7, a temperature test is required when these models installed geeclps5 an electrical enclosure or raceway. Each model is allowed to contain a maximum of 14 segments, as detailed in the mounting instructions. This component has outputs that qualify as being Class 2.

All they have to do is fill the box with their spent lamps and apply the postage label to ship it back. Rain tightness shall be determined in the end product. Available in the micron range, the gauge utilizes a durable but sensitive noble metal gauge tube specifically designed for that pressure range. These products are suitable for use in dry, damp locations. These LED Modules are not provided with a mounting means. This Class 2 product, when connected to a Class 2 circuit, shall not draw a total wattage of greater than the secondary or output rating of the Class 2 supply.


The borosilicate glasswork is securely mounted to a rugged stand for easy attachment to the manifold. No wiring is provided with these modules.

When not marked for dry and damp locations only, the power supply primary bracket shall be provided with min. Highest HP ratings in the industry for loads up to 40 amps, providing direct 24 hour control of most loads. These products are intended for use in wet location. These products with Class 2 outputs are suitable for use in dry, damp and wet locations.

These modules are suitable for use in signs only. The back side is high-impact polystyrene.

Read Tetra Warranty_1_1_

This device is suitable for use in indoor or outdoor extruded aluminum awning frames. DMPPM7 is also available with a pressure-sensitive adhesive for outdoor poster use. The power supply is suitable for dry and damp location use. The suitability of output leads, rated No. Where Gecclps5 can be any alphanumeric or blank.