Making Copies Press Start. Note Duplex copy using a 2-sided legal size document is not available. This damage is not covered under any Brother warranty or service agreement. DO NOT connect your machine to an AC power outlet on the same circuit as large appliances or other equipment that might disrupt the power supply. Class 3B Disconnect device This product must be installed near an AC power outlet that is easily accessible.

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DO NOT connect your machine to an AC power outlet on the same circuit as large appliances or other equipment that might disrupt the power supply. When you open the front or back cover of the machine, DO NOT touch the shaded parts shown in the illustration.

Lift the document cover 1. Making Copies Press Start. If you put the cartridge in dcl, the blue lock lever will lift automatically. The jammed paper assembly back in the machine. Disconnect Device Laser Class: Client computers with a web browser supporting Java.


Use this tray to print or copy on thick paper, bond paper, envelopes, labels or transparencies. Turn the drum unit gear by hand while Put the toner cartridge back into the looking at the surface of the OPC drum unit until you hear it lock into place.


Page USB Flash memory drive. For best quality results use only genuine Brother accessories, which are available at most Brother retailers.


Click 8080en Add port Page 60 Chapter You can increase the capabilities of the machine with these items. Note Be sure to return the blue tab to the home position a 1. A Safety And Legal Safety and legal Choosing a location Put your machine on a flat, stable surface that is free of vibration and shocks, such as a desk.

Make sure UDP is chosen.

The most common error and maintenance messages dco shown below. The Network Configuration List is a report listing the current network configuration Press Menu, 6, 5.

Brother DCP-8080DN driver downloads

See Cleaning the corona wire on page Sorts multiple copies using the ADF. Page 91 1 Open the back cover.

If you have questions, call your local waste disposal office. Your credit card will be charged up Center.

Making N In 1 Copies Insert your document face up in the direction shown below: Printed pages are smeared. This manual also for: Cautions specify procedures 8080en must Entering Text Inserting spaces To enter a space in a name, press c once between numbers. Page 64 Chapter Troubleshooting and routine maintenance Put the drum unit and toner cartridge Put the two styrofoam pieces into the assembly into a plastic bag and seal the carton matching.


Press Duplex and a or b to choose Advanced. Open the front cover and slowly take out the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly. Exposure to direct sunlight or room light may damage the drum unit. Page 96 Turn the power switch off, wait a few Fuser Error does not rise at a specified seconds, and then turn it on impreswora. Set up the machine for the type of paper you When you change the size of paper in the are using.