That way you would avoid the expense and difficulty in location the parts. Message 87 of RSS topic feed Posts [ 9 ]. I tried to search it in the chipset drivers list, but I could’t find it. Yes it is possible, but with a caveat. Message Edited by dStSb on The caveat is that HP has not listed which particular CQ61 models have the interfaces on the motherboard.

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Most users of the DriverPacks usually have one working machine and one to set up, so they can easily try on that one, then rebuild if icy9-m didn’t work on the working machine – hence, there’s no reason not to test unless you are really short on time. Hi siskorhodes, siskorhodes wrote: Thanks for the answer and for your great work Bye. You must login or register to post a reply. I tried to search it in the chipset drivers list, but I could’t find it.


There are two DIMM slots.

Message 83 of No, i didn’t try. Not all heroes wear capes, some wear Kevlar! As I understand there is one 1 GB stick inside. You would be better off purchasing an external USB bluetooth dongle.

RSS topic feed Posts [ 9 ].

Downloads for IntelĀ® Chipset Software Installation Utility

They are not very expensive and they do work. Of course, if you are going to reinstall on your one and only PC, then that’s a bit difficult This topic has been archived. It is smart of you to use the icy9-m pad.

I believe that covers all the questions that you asked. Not enough people seem to realize the advantages of using one for comfort’s sake. I have not seen any reported problems with that processor as an upgrade.

How many slots are there? Skip to forum content DriverPacks. Message 87 of Laptops with AMD chip sets are sold with different size modules installed.


IntelĀ® I/O Controller Hub 9 (ICH9) Family Datasheet

Message 82 of Thanks for the quick reply. And I have some questions about memory.

Posts [ 9 ]. Good value for money. I’m fairly certain 82801km already in there, even if it isn’t listed. I recommend installing only guaranteed compatible RAM from major memory makers. Yes it is possible, but with a caveat. There are exceptions for this rule of thumb. Active topics Unanswered topics. I’d like to be sure if possible, before starting 82801iim install process and get an error message and a not-working machine. There would also be major disassembly required with attempting to install the upper enclosure and connector.

Is there a chance to see it inserted in future versions?