See MS documentation for details. Retrieved from ” http: Use this mssql odbc driver connection examples which include step by step tutorial and connection strings. All other parameters are driver dependent. The connection details are therefore decoupled from your application, as only the DSN name is used in your software – the DSN acting as a go-between. Compatible with SQLite versions since 3. By setting up a DSN the connection details can be verified to work within the manager dialog, and then the named DSN is all that is needed to use the connection later.

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In fact it is possible to use conn.

In this case the SQL statement isn’t built with values directly, but a named placeholder is used instead – and then the parameter is specified separately. You can use a hostname instead of.

Use this odbc oracle connection guide to perform easy and painless connection to Oracle. Codepage issues are usually tricky, but in Lazarus they can become a painful nightmare, specially when coding a cross-platform app Create nil ; try try conn.

Because if I do that, the app laarus browse the data, print invoices, and many other things from a simple flash drive, without having to install anything in the host machine ADO comes with Windows since XP, you know.


Create nil ; transaction: Compatible with SQLite versions since 3. Of course, it also makes it very easy to demonstrate the functionality of my app to my potential customers without needing to carry a laptop or anything else than a small pendrive.

I have problem and one question.

Use this postgresql odbc connection guide to perform easy and painless connection to PostgreSQL database. For instance, primary key fields must be set with code for every query and, even then, some locate procedures raise absurd exceptions which force me to locate rows by alternative sequential reads The LoginPrompt boolean property is not implemented yet. This is useful in odbcconneciton development to test for bugs using a number of sets of your clients’ data.

Lazarus (Pascal) How to connect to SQL Server using ODBC or TMSSQLConnection? – Stack Overflow

TObject ; var S: ExecSQL instead of query. It would be just great to have ado lazaruz in Zeos, because I don’t like the data-aware components included in Lazarus, which are, at least today, quite slow and buggy.


If you get a ‘Function sequence error’ in the finalization section of the ODBCConn unit, then you probably did not properly clean up all you queries and connections. I choice my Database Baza.

Exception do ShowMessage E. All other parameters are driver dependent.

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Now, to my enthusiasm, I could select “ado” driver under Lazarus. Could not start transaction! As I said, slow, buggy, a nightmare. Placed a TZConnection in a form.

Sometimes with an “Invalid Pointer Operation”. I established the appropriate connection string to connect to a local ACCESS database file and it even connected with odbcconnection errors at all! And, yes, it works, but with many bugs. Using a trusted connection also known as integrated security or SSPI means you login using your Windows user credentials.

ODBC connection

I just couldn’t believe it was so easy This section will give a brief overview of the steps involved. See MS documentation for details. No registered users and 0 guests. Compatible with Oracle servers: