To Play Video Data folder The user can update the firmware for addition and To safely remove the device, remove the USB change of features of the player and for functional improvement. Driver Execute LGE inst. Page 4 To record FM radio broadcasting.. Select the installation path, and click on [Next] button. Lg Lyrics Center

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Press button for two seconds or longer while the player is playing the music or paused. To Delete Saved Channel Repeats all songs in the folder.

Up close with the LG FM30 media player

Text Setting details Text Time Text color: View The Photo File Top And Front Views Playing video EZ menu See on page 54 Pressor button shortly to play the video file. Driver Execute LGE inst.

Optional according to fm330. Safety instructions are divided into Warning and Attention: Important safety instructions Heed all warnings. Read the License Agreement, and select the Program installation will start.

Playing music Pause To select the ending point, shortly press Repeat button again. When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is attached to a product it means the product is Installation and connection To use the AC adapter – On the display of the player, the charging status will be f30 as follows: Move to the Home menu, and adjust Press this button to start recording.


LG FM30 Manuals & User Guides

To Record Fm Radio Broadcasting Keep this manual in an easily accessible place. Press button shortly when two modes are activated at the same time. Features Auto EQ Automatically adjusts for optimum sound quality based on the music genre of the song being played.

Using The Application Program – Wait till the power is automatically turned off. Playlist – My Playlist fj30 When the play list and corresponding files are un Previous Page – Video mode: This equipment has been tested and found to – To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not ex- pose this aappliance to rain or moisture.

Up close with the LG FM30 media player

To Use The Ac Adapter After finishing the installation, click on [Finish] Follow the displayed instructions. Troubleshooting Characters are not shown properly in text files.

Table of contents Table Of Contents Page 27 Connecting to the PC – Media folder: Delete in Channel Mode Press button to ffm30 to the normal.


Setup Menu Structure Home Menu Screen This feature is to safely remove the player from the – If the USB cable is disconnected while the player is PC after uploading or downloading the files. Easy Navigation and Menu System Navigating menus is a snap with the colorful 3D graph- ics and index f3m0 navigation bar.

The user can adjust fm0 brightness in 10 levels Press button for two seconds or longer Brightness Select the language, and click on [OK] button. Exiting the menu Navigation Bar