Theme kindly provided by my brother Konstantin Kovshenin. But it tells me Buffer full. Check out sniff serial port on Linux and other similar questions around. Does the adapter at least blink when you try typing something? Connecting to the bluetooth adapter Get into your car and turn the ignition key to “II” or whatever setting powers the car without starting the engine. July 17, at 5: Could be a faulty adapter, a faulty cable, or something else hardware-related.

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Some terminal emulators ie Linux’s screen program can create logs also.

There are lots of codes that ECU’s are sending about the state of the numerous monitored parts. June 10, at 1: I tried the same commands E. I will try to send the commands first with mini com, then read the bus with a python script.

Scantool – OBDII Car Diagnostic Software for Linux

What kind of errors do you get? Since the marketed devices all come with a GUI interface I originally assued one was dealing with complicated encoded signal here, but that is not the case. This is probably why I never managed to get it to work on my car. July 17, at 1: If you are old enough to remember the days of dial up modems you probably remember the Hayes AT command set that became the standard for configuring and controlling your modem. Traceback most recent call last: I got a USB one like in the picture.


This may not work, since RS is talked to in a completely different protocol and you might not see the actual serial ASCII bytes in their final form. When researching before trying the software out, I noticed someone recommending you run scantool with root so that it can read the device.

setting up an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter

Taking the car to the garage to get the code cleared means I lose the car for a day, which is getting annoying. The ljnux goal is to get graphs like this elm237 click on it for a larger version: Installing scantool Installation for this one is really simple: My OBD adapter was a USB device like in the photo, not bluetooth, so you may have to rummage around and find the device and see which group owns it and experiment a bit to get it working.

Use the form below to send me your comments. Pierre, it is very hard to guess what may be wrong. Paul, thanks for dropping by.

March 6, at 3: One would assume this will work with the bluetooth version also? Install with these commands:. Kris Occhipinti has released a nice video clip of using the Linux ‘screen’ terminal program to interact directly with an ELM Have you looked at the system logs?


But only a couple that should work under Linux. The device names hciconfig lists are HCI? The short AT commands list is of much help.

ELM327 to RS232 in Linux

Hope this helps, and let me know how it goes. All the linux programs discussed above provide a mechanism to specify which device file you want to use to connect to the ELM I played with these a little but am not a python guru and never got them elk327.

It was impossible to use with the pyodb.

Connecting to the bluetooth adapter Get into your car and turn the ignition key to “II” or whatever setting powers the car without starting the engine. Note these are console mode programs, not GUI.