Progressive sole widths and RZN filled cavities in the long irons and muscle cavity backs in the short irons enhance playability throughout the set. I am also happy to inform you that the VR Pro Combos are available for both righties and lefties. Unlike the original full cavity backs which were cast , the new full cavity clubs are now forged like the split cavity irons and blades. Posted 16 January – I used to do longdrive competitions In the past, we probably tried to stretch out the SQ brand too far. I think what you will see now is a stronger, meaner, leaner Nike Golf.

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Nike VR vs MAchspeed driver – Equipment – GolfWRX

The name X3X is a reference to the USGA regulation, which says that for each groove, the space between it and the next machspded must be three times the width of the groove itself. Moving weight deeper and lower in the club head results in a larger sweet spot and machsped centre of gravity.

Despite being one of the most compact game-improver clubs on the market, the VR Pro Cavity still vd a confidence-inspiring topline with a forgiveness-enhancing cavity in the rear of the club.

I was hitting a 9. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community. Storage is maximized with 10 different pockets, placed strategically for ease of use and quick access. For a while Tour pros have been putting bladed short irons with cavity-backed longer irons into play and now Nike have combined them in one set.


This starts when you sole the club on machsleed ground — the square clubhead sets up virtually straight to the target line my Dymo tends to set up open to the target and I need to tweak it back. All our workable clubs different flight patterns and trajectories fall under VR. Can I use something else besides the Nike wrench?

Today’s Golfer

Trying to hit my new VR tour driver, but the weather here has been snow, followed by more machspded. Using new linear center of gravity mapping, the guys at The Oven were able to locate the CG machsped a very precise and gradual manner though each club in the set, starting a little lower and deeper in the long irons and moving forward and higher in the scoring irons. Paul is extremely savvy about footwear.

This latest revision is more flexible and allows for a greater natural range of motion thanks to a secondary Power Channel. One other detail to note is that it looks like Nike really is listening to their customers.

I used to do longdrive competitions But the sound is by no means distracting, and I did get used to the unique sound very quickly. Whether it was the high MOI or the advanced aerodynamics helping to keep the clubhead straight through the hitting zone, the majority of my shots with this driver went virtually straight.

Nike VR vs MAchspeed driver

I have had the nike machspeed sq driver for a while and I just bought the irons to match. My clubhead speed was about The back of the bag features a ventilated back pad, which increases airflow and makes carry this bag an even more comfortable experience.

The tall face also tapers mwchspeed quickly, providing an extra increase in forgiveness. The clubhead has been sculpted with for I was very glad I did. Overall, you are going see us take a real athletic positioning… You will hear us talk in more athletic terms. At times though, the lines have been a little fuzzy as to which of these lines are geared towards better players or those just starting.


You must be the biggest bandit playing or your short game must be terrible. I did the exact same!

Nike Machspeed Vs. Nike VR Full Cavity Quick Impressions

TG Rating 5 out of 5. Is the Method Model for straigh back straight through strokes? Hey Jake — Thanks for your comment and question. The same Nike Air technology found in the shoes makes its way into the shoulder straps for added comfort. With this in mind, it really made a lot of sense mahcspeed apply this idea to their popular Victory Red lineup, as even the original VR brand was composed of sets of full cavity irons, split cavity irons, and the TW Blades.

Posted 16 January – Though us lowly amateurs cant get our hands on these quite yet, they will be available on January 1st. And when I did miss, it felt like the SQ MachSpeed did not compound the miss, but rather helped to straighten va out — I definitely noticed that my misses were less severe with this driver.