Would either of those Belkin cards linked above make everything work? Accessories Mixer covers to keep out the nasty stuff and rackmount kits in case you want to get all fancy. All three Firewire drivers resident in Win 7 have been tried. Fresh install on new hardware and hard drive. It is almost 3 years since the first question was asked, and there is no clear responce from them.

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Also Have you tried daisy chaining the boards instead fireiwre plugging each one directly into it’s own port? At some point, the drivers fail to function, and audio is not heard from existing audio tracks not talking about MIDI tracks here, just audioand audio is not recorded to Sonar from the instruments connected to the mixers.

Windows and Mackie Onyx mixers, weird driver fail fiasco | Cakewalk Forums

Didn’t matter what audio software I was using and my Focusrite USB interface wasn’t having uadio problem, so it was obviously the firewire.

I regularly try to take a look at the spam-queue but my time is limited. I don’t have any VSTi’s installed. View More Photo Galleries.


I would lean toward it being a Windows issue.

It seemed that Mackie was initially having trouble getting multiple cards to run together, so that aspect may be worth looking into.

I hope it helps I tried commenting on here the other day though it hasn’t posted yet? So you know what you’ll have to do. Laura, You misspelled the name: Between Microsoft and Mackie, that’s really shoddy programming.

Is there any word on fieewire “i”-based Mackies being fully supported in the future? I tried all the published fixes to no avail. Usually only a few measures long here and there. So where’s the problem Dedicated talkback section with built-in mic allow you to easily communicate with the talent, whether behind the glass or in front of stage monitors.

They’re probably sick of hearing about it although I’d say “tough! I’m really sick of this crapola.

audiio Works brilliantly for me with the Freebob drivers. The arm-pit of the good ‘ol US I have all the updates available for Win 7 installed. I’ve heard of some people using generic drivers like ASIO for allbut I don’t know if they will work with multiple cards or not.


I have the same question In reply to robbbbb’s post on February 25, In my case, I had a computer built so I could use my mini DV camcorder by Inyx, which has an awesome image quality.

Onyx Driver Compatibility

Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. I’m using the audio that’s integrated into my motherboard. All that being said, if it works – don’t fix it! I have the latest drivers and updates for CS5. Still, my problems with the Onyx drivers seem to confirm that they aren’t well written. Windows and Mackie Onyx mixers, weird driver fail fiasco Ok.

It is almost 3 years since the first question was asked, and there is no clear responce from them. Skip to main content.