In prior case studies, we had noticed that our 3DMark05 scores decrease at MHz, only to rise again at higher frequencies. In fact, some of our best over- clocks have been with modern Intel processors. As a side note, usually an appli- cation will crash while loading or per- forming a processor- or memory-inten- sive task. There’s a grey box for a head and a tangled mass of multi- colored wires hanging out for tentacles. I shook it for several min- utes. The following 20 guidelines should provide a gen- eral reference, explaining what you need to know and what you should watch out for when overclocking a PC for the first time. The Graphics score fell to , and the HDD score was down slightly to

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This is a cool-run- ning, compact box light that’s less than a couple of inches in each dimension. Motherboard The 92 5X is supposed to be a cut above the Intel chipsets. Our initial 3DMark05 score showed a decent gain, but at MHz we showed a slight loss. Should be around that. At MHz, the processor was running at 3.

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We put the P4 EE back in place, and this time the heatsink fan refused to spin when we powered on the system. Power tool the blade when it gets dull or sharpen it on a matchbook from a seedy bar in the Caribbean if you’re afield.

Motherboard For this case study, we’ll be overclock- ing the mx400 P4 on a Soltek board that not only uses the new LGA socket, but also utilizes Intel’s new G chipset. The kicker is that they have little plastic lenses that focus their light in a tight beam. Place blowholes where they will do the most good. Don’t get us wrong — we love aesthetic mods as much as the next tech-head, but if you want to truly change its personality, you’ll 46h to adjust the computer’s heart and brains, the processor.


Once you’re comfort- able with basic overclocking, you may wish to experiment with more advanced overclocking methods.

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Show posts by this member only Post 9. Of course, the rest of your life will mx4000 be the muddled mess it always was.

In our testing, however, the X has been a bit of a disappointment, especially in 46gg of overclocking. Fast-forward mx000 the year For those of you who don’t know me, I’m your local has- been modder. Although changes such as a longer data pipeline reduce Prescott’s number of instructions per cycle, they make it possible for Intel to push clock speed beyond the limitations of Northwood.

The Graphics score increased slightly to and the HDD score was largely un- changed at We weren’t able to get the sys- ddr128mn stable at higher clock speeds. Dremel, but we recommend a few other handy implements, such as pliers, a decent screwdriver nonmagnetizeda variable-speed drill, jigsaw, soldering iron, hand sander, masking tape, electrical tape, files, clamps, and a tape measure.

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Hanging up sheets of plastic and putting newspapers on the floor can also hasten the cleanup process. Link to V3 thread We picked up O. Normally, Chaintech reserves the Zenith name for tricked-out boards with a large number mx40000 features. In this instance, we saw 3DMark05 scores fall slightly, but we were happy to see a solid increase in PCMark04 scores.


No slotted, Phillips, Allen, or Torx screwdriver will be able to budge drd128mb once they’re in. You’ll have up-to-the-sec- ond readings in degrees Cel- sius.

Enermax even duplicated that cool mids futuristic font to let everyone know that the Ultimate Fan Controller is “dual- dispaly ready,” whatever that is. This means you should see increased throughput on Gigabit Ethernet networks as the PCI bus won’t cause a bottleneck.

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Hyundai LCD 19inch x 0. The system was stable at this speed, although we experienced no increase in 3DMark05 scores.

I think Xpro is strong in DX9 games You can change its front bezel — silver and black ones der128mb with it — and backlight its LCD display in green or blue, depending upon which bank of fans and probes you want to monitor. Watercooling systems are effective only when their pumps are moving water swiftly through the case.